Meet the Partners: Sean Cain

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Here at Harrington Group, we see ourselves as a family unit. We each play our own role and we come together as a strong team. This week, we are spotlighting our managing partner, Sean Cain.

Sean came to California from New Jersey at the age of 13. He and his 3 siblings were raised by a single mother, instilling in Sean an energetic work ethic, a healthy ambition, and a strong commitment to family from an early age.

This work ethic came into play as he put himself through a California State University to earn a degree. Soon after, he began working for the United Way in San Bernardino, California and then earned his CPA license at Harrington Group. Sean joined the company in 1996 and was invited into partnership at the age of 33 by his mentor and firm namesake, Joe Harrington. After joined the company, Sean has never looked back. His steadfast belief in the firm’s core values of “knowledge, service and respect” has catapulted him into a position of value to all of the clients who receive his service.

Sean is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is also a proud member of the Pasadena Rotary Club, where he serves on a number of committees and was selected as the incoming treasurer for 2014/2015.

In addition to Sean’s professional commitments, he is a devoted husband and father. With two sons, family days are spent camping in the desert, zooming through sand dunes or some other weekend adventure. Luckily, Sean’s love of cars and motorcycles is shared by his boys and sanctioned (most of the time) by his lovely wife.

Sean is proud to work exclusively for the nonprofit sector and for clients who serve their communities every day. Sean’s expertise in auditing and consulting works in concert with his passion for service to those who do for others.