Pasadena Office Building: Construction Update

Posted by npocpas1 npocpas1

As you may have seen in some of our recent social media posts, construction is well underway at our Pasadena location. We are extremely excited to share some of Conspec’s developments with our readers, clients, and team updated on this process!

Some recent developments include the following….

Drywall is up and now the separate offices have officially taken form.

They are in the process of selecting the best possible interior colors for the space.

Electrical work is being completed, including all ethernet and alarm wiring for the best office experience. In these last few weeks alone, there’s been over 5 miles of cables installed.

The team works to complete the stairs by skim coating the sides.

Externally, the Conspec Team is also working to find the best color palette.

Additionally, the team troubleshoots the framing of the all glass entrance and works to waterproof it.

A main component of this process is restoring dated construction and bringing it up to code in 2022.

Continue on this journey with us through our social media platforms and blog where we will continue to update!