Patience is Key During the Holidays

Posted by npocpas1 npocpas1
I don’t think I’m over stepping my bounds by saying the holiday season can cause stress. There is a lot to do, and it suddenly seems as though there are more people just about everywhere. The roads are crowded, the malls are crowded, the parking lots, grocery stores, coffee shops, they are all crowded. This leads to long lines and plenty of waiting. Waiting is, needless to say, not something many people are used to doing in our instant gratification obsessed society.

I suggest you give yourself and the rest of the world a sincere gift this holiday season: PATIENCE.

If you choose to practice patience, you will be so much happier and actually get to enjoy the most wonderful time of year. You will be calm, relaxed and courteous. As a result of this patience, you will not cause unnecessary stress to yourself or others.

When someone snags your spot in a crowded parking lot, or a little old lady takes extra long at the register when you are already running late, I recommend you simply take a breathe and promptly let it go. You will find a different spot, you will get where you need to go, and I promise, everything will be okay.