Questions to Ask In a Job Interview

Posted by npocpas1 npocpas1
Walking into a job interview can be intimidating. You want to clearly portray all your abilities, competence, professionalism and personality to the interviewer, thus showing your compatibility with the company. That is  a lot to accomplish in a brief period of time, while under stress.

Asking the right questions is a simple way to show your interest and knowledge, without adding more pressure to yourself.
Here are five simple questions you can keep in your back pocket for any interview.

How do you evaluate employee performance?

This is important to know, so you understand what the company values, and what your job entails. Is it a sales based job, where the sales you make directly correlate to your success level? Is there a general rubric they follow that reads like a report card? These are things you want to know, so that you can make sure your skills line up with their evaluation methods, maximizing the benefits for both sides.

Are there opportunities for growth within the company? Do they promote from within?

I know this question seems borderline, too basic, but I promise it has a place. It is important to acknowledge your desire to grow within the company, and to make sure that it is in fact a reality. You want to know that you will have opportunities to grow and learn, and continue that process.

Why is this position open?

It may be that this is a new position within the company, as they are growing, or changing. However, it is more likely that the previous employee either left or was let go. You can often tell a lot from the way the interviewer speaks about situation, or previous employee. You want to be aware of if the position seems to have quick turnover, or if you are about to walk into an office full of drama.

How are the finances of the company?

This question is a lot harder for many people to ask. It is forward to ask about financial situations, but as you may be joining this company, it is justified. Companies that are struggling financially are often also stressful, and in reality, may not be a stable, steady, long term option for you.

How will doing this job contribute to the overall growth and success of the company?

You need to know more than your daily job duties. You need to know your role in the bigger picture. Your contribution to making the business run smoothly, and how your work will contribute to the success of the company is integral information to ensure you are prepared and informed when accepting a potential job offer.

While nerves can come into play, having these few questions to pull out will help give you a break from speaking, and help you learn important information the interviewer may not have discussed otherwise. The interviewer will inevitably ask you if you have any questions, and you should always have at least one. Hopefully having these questions to rely on will help you, and you can walk away feeling that the interview was a success