Spring Check-In

Posted by npocpas1 npocpas1
As we move from the cool, dark winter months into the bright sunshine of Spring, let’s take pause to examine our lives and keep ourselves accountable. Just over two months ago was the grandest of new beginnings: a new year.

Did you promise yourself a few changes, a new life, a new you? Whatever it was that you were so determined to add to, or change about your life - not to nitpick - but, ahem, are you still doing it? Whether you are 100 percent still dedicated, or you barely remember what that oath to yourself was, let’s just stop a second and evaluate.

Be objective as possible in your self-checking. No excuses. No blaming. No judging. Be real with yourself about what you have accomplished, where you have fallen short and what is still available to improve. Maybe your goals were a little lofty for immediate results, maybe you dreamed so big you intimidated yourself, maybe you hit a rough patch and it totally threw you off. Maybe you have already started losing the weight, maybe you now love volunteering every month. Wherever you are at, can you do more? Should you do a little less? Whichever end of the spectrum you are on, don’t write yourself off.

Spring is fast approaching, the sun is shining, the flowers are getting ready to bloom and surround us with the beauty of new life. So take the opportunity to embrace more change, more beauty, and resolve yourself to really put in the effort you deserve. Every day can be a fresh start, but it never hurts to have the visible reminder every day. So although, every time is the right time to start, to change or to just keep going, there’s no time quite as beautiful and inspiring as Spring.