World AIDS Day

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December first is World AIDS Day. AIDS and HIV are not openly discussed, even in our  modern society, but are still a widespread problem.

Here are a few facts to remind you of the prevalence of HIV and AIDS today.

1 in 6 living with HIV in the US are unaware of their infection.
1.2 million in the US are living with HIV.
3.2 million children worldwide are living with HIV.
35 million people worldwide currently have HIV/AIDS.
HIV is the world’s leading infectious killer.

So the real question is what can you do? The firs step is simply to act responsibly in protecting yourself. Practice safe sex and get yourself tested.

In the larger picture what can you do? You can help inform those around you about what HIV/AIDS actually are. You can be well informed and correct misperceptions when you come across them. You can also choose to volunteer or work with any number of organizations to spread information about prevention. There are opportunities to volunteer through needle exchange programs, to prevent the use of dirty or shared needles. You can support health organizations that care for those living with HIV or AIDS.

The most important part is to be well informed and aware, in your own life. You can
also join the conversations all over the internet today, by using the #WAD2014 and #FacingAIDS.